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If you are coming to visit us in Dali, please follow the directions recommended below to save your time traveled.  Please also keep us informed in advance regarding your visiting schedule to help us arrange the meeting with your esteemed company accordingly.  One thing to remind you that you must have a limited Traditional Chinese proficiency to read Chinese to follow the directions instructed via Google Maps below.

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Company Outlook

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Directions in Traditional Chinese


車行國道三號於霧峰交流道下,左轉林森路,接霧峰中正路車行約2分鐘後,接中興路一段,過草湖橋後,繼續直行至仁化路,右轉仁化路直行至大里工業區後,再往前直行約一公里即到達仁化工業區。  右轉入仁化工三路直行約300公尺即可達本公司。

車行國道一號,在中港交流道下後接中彰快速道路往烏日高鐵站方向轉至國道3號南投方向,於國道3號之霧峰交流道下,左轉林森路,接霧峰中正路車行約2分鐘後,接中興路一段,過草湖橋後,繼續直行至仁化路,右轉仁化路直行至大里工業區後,再往前直行約一公里即到達仁化工業區。  右轉入仁化工三路直行約300公尺即可達本公司。

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Stainless Steel 316 Ti Stem for long-lasting life span to be exposed under extreme conditions. conditions.
Important components make the accuracy accurate.

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> Gauge with Self-Defined Warming Zones
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> Economical Type Electrical Contact Pressure Gauges
> Double-Sided Digital Pressure Gauges for PCB Industries

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