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FTB Newly Patented Self-Defined Pressure Gauges
Available currently on 2 1/2" Gauges; however, 4" ones are also available upon request. 
FTB Patented Self-Defined Pressure Gauges are especially suitable for the applications with special warming dials requested.  Making your own dials is as easy as 1-2-3.  Colored Bars are available with Green and Red only.  Check out the features, specs., and other model numbers below for details.

General Specs:
Dial Size: 2 1/2"
Bourdon/Coiled Tube: Brass Material, 0-700/1000 bar with Germany-Imported SS316 Material.
Movement: Germany-Imported SS430 Material.
Internals & Socket: Brass Material.
Accuracy: ±1.5%.
Liquid-Filled: Imported 99.95% Purity Glycerin, or Optional Silicone.
Mounting: Lower Mount (Bottom), Back Mount, Back Mount with Flange, Back Mount with U-Bracket.
Pressure Ranges: Vacuum, Compound, 0-1000 bar.
Bezel Type: Standard Crimped Bezel, or Optional Bayonet Ring.
Dial Scales: Standard Dual Scale with kg/cm²/psi, psi/bar, and etc.

Water-Proof, Shock Resistant, and Closed Structures are durable and accurate for long-term operations.
Optional Stainless Steel Construction available.

Model: Self-Defined Colored Bars
Mounting: Lower Mount (LM), crimped bezel.
Ranges: Positive, Negative (Vacuum), and Compound.
Case: SS304
Tubing: SS316, Brass, or Phosphor Bronze.
Movement: SS316 or Brass.
Connection: SS316 or Brass.
Accuracy: 1.5% F.S.
Scale: Dual Scale psi, bar, kPa, MPa, kg/cm2, etc.


923.11 Lower Mount - Front View





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Stainless Steel 316 Ti Stem for long-lasting life span to be exposed under extreme conditions.
Important components make the accuracy accurate.

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