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General purpose Pressure Gauges
Sizes ranging from 1 1/2" to 6" with bottom and back mounts available.  For detailed product models and specs, please refer to Online Catalogues or Product Gallery for more info.  FTB General Purpose Pressure Gauges are especially suitable for the pressure sources of water, oil, non-corrosive and pulseless media.

General Specs
Dial Size: 1 1/2" to 6"
Bourdon/Coiled Tube: Brass Material.
Movement: Brass Material.
Internals & Socket: Brass Material.
Accuracy: ±3-2-3%.
Mounting: Lower Mount (Bottom), Back Mount, Back Mount with Flange, Back Mount with U-Bracket.
Pressure Ranges: Vacuum, Compound, 0-300 bar.
Bezel Type: Standard Snap-In Window, Optional Steel or SS304 Bezel.
Dial Scales: Standard Dual Scale with kg/cm²/psi, psi/bar, and etc.

Nominal Sizes
Ranging from 40 mm (1 1/2") in diameter to 150 mm (6").

Case Types
Three case types, Case A, B, and D, are offered.  Case A (Lower Mount), Case B (Lower Mount with Back Flange), and Case D (Back Mount with or without Front Flange).

Standard connections of NPT, PT (BSPT), and PF (BSP) with 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" are provided with orders placed.  Other special connections are also available upon request.

Model Numbers
Model numbers of 111.11, 171.01, 111.51, 171.31, 111.91, 112.11, 172.01, 112.51, 172.31, 112.71, 112.91, 113.11, 113.21, 113.51, 113.71, 114.11, 114.21, 115.11, 115.21, and 116.21 are available.  Please contact us for more product information and details and also check out Product Gallery for more product images.

U-Brackets are available.
Please refer to the product images below for a brief image of some of our products manufactured.

1 1/2" Gauges to follow below

111.11 LM, Black Steel Case


111.51 CBM, Black Steel Case


121.11 LM with SS Case

  121.51 CBM with SS Case

171.51 CBM, ABS Case





2" Gauges to follow below:

112.11 LM, Black Steel Case


112.51 CBM, Black Steel Case


112.71 CBM with Front Flange

  112.71 CBM with Front Flange

122.11 Lower Mount, SS Case


122.51 CBM SS Case


172.11 LM with ABS Case

2 1/2" Gauges to follow below:

113.21 LM with Back Flange





Capsule Pressure Gauges to follow below:

4" Lower Mount, Screw-In Bezel


2 1/2" LM, Snap-In Lens



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Stainless Steel 316 Ti Stem for long-lasting life span to be exposed under extreme conditions.
Important components make the accuracy accurate.

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