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經濟部台灣精品獎1997年得獎 (Award of Symbol of Excellence Winner '97)

我司是全台灣唯一獲得經濟部台灣精品獎的壓力表製造商, 我司的台灣精品介紹頁, 請按上方的台灣精品LOGO連結.
(the Symbol shown above as "It's Very Well, made in Taiwan" from the Economic Affairs of Taiwan)
In recent years, products from Taiwan have gradually earned a reputation for high quality and sophisticated standards. The move to higher-end markets explains why Taiwan products have been able to maintain steady growth in sales around the globe.

Still, there are many misperceptions about "Made in Taiwan" products. The ROC government, therefore, has introduced a five-year "Image Enhancement Plan (IEP)" aimed at building a new image for the Made in Taiwan label, thereby providing a breakthrough in the competitive image stakes for Taiwan export manufacturers.

Central to this campaign is the "Symbol of Excellence".  It represents the high standards which Taiwan products must meet, and only a select few products will earn the right to use the symbol as a mark of premium quality. These products will have to meet strict requirements regarding quality systems, product design, R&D/innovation, market position, brand awareness. Only those products which have already gained wide acceptance by consumers worldwide will make the grade.

The Symbol itself is combined with the distinctive tagline "It's Very Well Made in Taiwan".  The circular shape of the Symbol stands for the Chinese tradition of solidarity. The overlapping sections of a circle, which form a woven pattern, symbolize our economic alliances domestically and internationally as well as the interlocking relationship between innovative design, high quality and service that brings everything together for a world-class product. The color red symbolizes the aspiration of our manufacturers to achieve greater heights in product quality.

Vincent Siew, Minister on Economic Affairs, January 1993

We obtained our ISO Certification in the very early stage in 1996 to practically practice throughout the entire manufacturing sites for ensuring the quality systems as fulfilling the requirements of BS EN ISO 9000.

Our electric contact pressure gauges had been certified by SGS Taiwan Ltd. for EMC tests in accordance with the standards followed: EN50081-1, EN55022 Class B, EN50082-2, and EN61000-4-8.

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Stainless Steel 316 Ti Stem for long-lasting life span to be exposed under extreme conditions.
Important components make the accuracy accurate.

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